vendredi 18 novembre 2016

My opinion about music

Hey everyone, tonight I will talk about my opinion about music. I had discovered music and all of her kinds just in the long car rides or while travelling in an airplane or just by sitting around and listening to it. I listen to so much kinds of music as hip hop, R&B, American rap, French rap, pop, … But the genre of music that I appreciate the most actually is rap music no matter if it's American or French rap. For me, Rap is a literally poem where every rapper talk about something but in different way. Each one talk about different subject but it is not obligatory to be so offensive and violent it's can only talk about the feelings of the rapper. I enjoy several of the popular rapper today. One of my favorite is named Muhammad but he’s knowing only by the name of “MRC”. I prefer his music because he talks about the truth of the life not the untrue vision of the life. He always talks about family and its solidarity and also the false friends, ... In the opposite of the others rappers, he always talk about his feelings and also things where we can have a benefits it’s like a lesson for us where we can learn lots of things. So, that’s why I really like him! And for the last subject, No I don’t play any instrument but I would like to learn how to play the piano because for me, I think that it’s the most interesting instrument.

-This is the music of MRC that I really love and its lyrics is just so amazing and interesting!-