lundi 28 mars 2016

Letter to future me

Dear future me,

I imagine your surpise while you're reading this letter. So, I'm writting that while I'm just 14 years old. I'm even writting this letter so you read it ten years later. I hope that you are still fit and healthy. I hope too that the whole family is going well and that you visit her very often.I hope that you also could achieve your many objectives in study as having a mention very well to the "baccalauréat" but also have your degree, to do the job which you have always dreamed since your childhood... I also imagine that you didn't lose contacts with your friends as Selma and Zineb. Did you remember all that memories and funny moments unforgettable spent with those persons while you had 14 years old. In conclusion, I want you to never lose hope and still believe in your dreams. Nothing is impossible, that was my motto when I had 11 years old.

Your old you.