mercredi 28 septembre 2016

My country

It's me, wearing one of the traditional clothes of Morocco
Write a paragraph about yourself:

Good afternoon, my name is Houda Charrat. I’m 15 years old and I am living in Tangier which is situated in the North of Morocco. I have three sisters: Yasmine, Roukaya and Namarike but I’m the older one. My favorite hobby is Kick Boxing and it’s a self-contact sport.  I like exploring new countries, new cities, new people… I enjoy learning new languages, having new friends, listening to music (especially French rap music and trending music) … My dream is to visit all the countries of the world. I will discover new cultures, new people, new languages, different architectures, new traditions … 

Why am I proud of my country?

I’m proud of my country because not only does it have one culture but was influenced by many others.I also love the people in it because most of them are nice and kind hearted. Another thing that I love about Morocco is that it hasn’t been polluted as much as the other countries and we also have less disease and we have less crime than a country usually has. The last thing is that I love how in Ashourah including finely all those kinds of celebrations we have including Eids where people go and give money to poor people, help them, and give them food and show them comfort and love and finally that’s what I love about my country and I am very proud of my country and I will always be.But even that, I would rather change something in my country. People are not awareness about what is happening in our country. They are living in cities where there is more building than nature. It’s would be more amazing if they would do more parks and start growing some trees all over the city for better oxygen because it's a little bit poullted by the cars, the building,..
This is my city


This is the "winners" in a match of football
The most practiced sport in Morocco is soccer. It’s a form of football played between two teams of 11 players in which the ball can be either advanced by kicking or bouncing it off any part of the body but except the arm or the hands which can be used only in the case of the goalkeepers, who may use their hands to stop, catch, carry or throw the ball. Here in morocco, we have different team and every city has a team except Casablanca who has got two teams: W.A.C which means Wydad Athletic Club and R.C.A which means Raja Club Athletic. This team sport it’s even known for its team spirit. Our national football is known in the world by the Ultras who are a form of supportive person.

Personally, I’m supporting the team of Wydad Athletic Club where the supportive named the Winners  has been the first of the world in the classification of 2015 and has surpassed all the supportive person of the world.

Culture of Morocco and traditions: 

The cultures that Morocco have is incredible, it’s influenced from Berbers, Arabs, Europeans, Jews, Romans, Andalousians, and Africans. I see people all over the world who come and visit Morocco yet they say it’s so beautiful and they would rather live here I see other Moroccans actually not liking morocco for many reasons but in my point of view it’s an amazing and peaceful place. Morocco’s traditional home is beautiful their domestic architecture is special and I mean that the wall mosaics are so splendid. People have some traditional clothes like djellaba or faracha and we have also some traditional food like Couscous. In morocco we have a lot of cultures because it used to be conquered from France and Spain then conquered by the Muslims in the early 8th century AD, but broke away from the Umayyad Caliphate after the Berber Revolt of 740. Half a century later, the Moroccan state was established by the Idrisid dynasty. Under the Almoravid and the Almohad dynasties, Morocco dominated the Maghreb. So now we are still established by the Idrisid dynasty. One other thing is that Morocco is a very calm country because up till now we still didn’t have any wars and I think it’s because Morocco is a monarchy. A monarchy means that it is ruled by a king.

My dream job: 

This is an astronaut on the moon
My dream job is to be astronaut. It seems incredible to work in the NASA, to discover how our space is constituated, to know every name of every stars, every galaxies … Doing some missions in space like Neil Armstrong, fly because of the gravity in the space, … I’m dreaming of this job since I was 9 years old. This job is so interesting and so amazing!

My favorite celebration:

My favorite celebration it’s Ashourah which is a part of our culture where all the kids of the country get some money, new clothes and a lot of candy, so they are getting fast and usually giftsbecause it’s always nice having kids resist it for the first time and happily playing with their toys. All families are reunited for this special day. It’s an exceptional day for me, where all my family is reunited and we eat together candies, playing derbouka and taarija which are traditional instruments of Morocco. One of the traditional things in this celebration is that parents have to buy a game for them children. And at night we go out with my cousins, my neighbors, and my sisters, in the street to play with some fire games or with the games that our parents give to us. And I’m so excited because this celebration will be on the next Arabic month.